Kurdistan Region

The Kurdistan Region is an autonomous region in the northern part of Iraq. Iraqi Kurdistan is among nine provinces under the control of the Iraqi central government. The climate of Kurdistan includes the four provinces of Erbil, Sulaimaniyah, Dohuk and recently Halabja province has been separated from Sulaimaniyah province and also dominates parts of Ninawa and Diyala provinces. The majority of Iraqi Kurdistan’s population is Sunni Muslim and the official languages ​​in the region are Sorani Kurdish, Badinani Kurdish (Kermanji), and Arabic. However, most people in the Kurdistan region are also able to speak Arabic. The estimated population of Kurdistan Region is 6690900 people.

If you want to work in this region, you should keep in mind that the administrative and executive affairs of this region are completely independent of the Arab and central part and therefore you should have business plans based on the standards approved in this region. It should be noted that the Arab sector does not recognize the independence of the climate in any way, so if you have received any license in the Kurdish sector, it will not be recognized in the Arab sector and is required to re-obtain government permits in the Arab sector.

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