Questions of company registration

This company has been established with the aim of presenting chain of required services of capable companies to export. In this line, all services of this group are defined with the approach of reducing challenges and concerns of exporting companies to target markets.

Cost of company registration depends on different parameters including initial capital, numbers of foreign shareholders, type of company and the area of its expertise. Thus, price announcement is possible after receiving initial information by the consultants of this company.

The time of registration differs according to target country, type of company and number of foreign shareholders. Therefore, if the confirmation of the Ministries of special Security is required, the time of company registration might be longer than Administration of Company Registration. The applicant should consider the end of company registration only when Information Ministries also confirm.

Some of the countries in the region have the possibility of registering a company with 100% ownership for foreign people with the aim of attracting foreign investors. So, the plans of attracting investors in countries of the region should be reviewed. For instance, Iraq does not allow to register a company with 100% ownership to foreigners but it is still possible in Kurdistan of Iraq.

One of the advantages of company registration in foreign countries is the possibility of opening a bank account and financial transactions. But the important point is bank sanctions against Iranian companies and persons so that the banks of target country and conditions of bank should be reviewed. There is no challenge for companies with non-Iranian origin in this matter.

One of the necessities of company registration in foreign countries is to announce an official address of an office. Depending on the target country, announcing an address or sometimes official letter of lease is required for registration. In some countries, some certain organizations have the possibility to visit officially. So, if you are thinking about registering a company in foreign countries, it is necessary to announce an official headquarter.

A native partner or shareholder is considered in two ways. First, legal requirement based on having native shareholder which has to be chosen and announced to target organizations. Second, there is no legal requirements in some countries but a local partner can facilitate your commercial activity in target country. Thus, consider this point by reviewing legal requirements.

Business card is one of the requirements of commercial activity in some countries. Therefore, the applicants of commercial activity are able to receive business card after company registration. In some countries, the credit of business card is directly related to registered capital. Thus, review legal requirements and advantages of business card at the time of registration in target country.

The advantage of this service is completely based on the commercial context of the target country and the executive planning of the service applicant company in that country. Generally, company registration makes the legal and field participation possible for the applicant, so that in case of any commercial problems, it is possible to file a lawsuit. Above points are from the registration benefits.

In some countries in the field of Shafaq Al-Rafedain activity, you are able to obtain commercial or long-term residence by registering a company and in some other countries, commercial or multi visas are awarded to companies and investors. Please note that the process of obtaining residency is apart from company registration which can be followed up after finishing the process of registration.

Remember that by registering a local company in target countries, you will be involved in the financial and tax affairs of that country and ignoring this subject might have financial consequences or commercial limitations for registered company. Calculation rates vary in target countries and you should consult with this company’s experts.


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