Questions of mark registration

This company has been established with the aim of presenting chain of required services of capable companies to export. In this line, all services of this group are defined with the approach of reducing challenges and concerns of exporting companies to target markets.

Depending on target country, the time of marks registration differs. Foreign marks must be registered locally in some countries like Iraq which are not a member of Madrid Agreement and it takes a long time. But in some other countries, this process takes much lower time.

The registration can be done by WIPO if a country is a member of Global Agreements and eventually a local declaration can be made. But in some countries which are not in Mental and Legal Property Agreement, the registration is done locally which is independent company registration and is not necessary to each other.

The validity of certificates varies in different countries but it is approximately between 10 to 15 years. Keep in touch with our co-workers for exact information.

Some of trademarks has been registered globally which it can include the member country of Agreement in this law. But the important point is that even member countries must follow the local and legal rules and process.
Please pay attention to the target country whether it is a member of World Intellectual Property Treaties when you want to register. Start to register when it gets clear for you.

One of the target countries to register commercial names and brands is Iraq. This country is not a member of Madrid Agreement and local registration in necessary. The point which is mostly overlooked by companies is that registration process in Kurdistan is independent of Arab part of Iraq. Thus, it is required to register separately in the two regions to maintain intellectual property.

The process of trademark registration in this company`s target countries is different. But the main challenges of this service`s time-consuming are complicated administrative bureaucracy, organized corruption and changes in laws and so on.

Name and trademark registration have similar structure in all countries including name and trademark review and if it is confirmed, the initial registration is done. In the next step, the name and trademark will be published and eventually, the final certificate with long-term validity will be issued if there is no legal opponent.

The reason of registering commercial name and mark in different countries is to maintain intellectual property and the possibility of realizing the right in case of loss. Therefore, mark registration is the most important factor to file a lawsuit if the intellectual property is not observed.


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