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having a legal advisor familiar with law and regulations of the distained country is one of the most safest ways to enter international market.

All companies upon their establishment in different countries are obliged to maintain their products and services in accordance with legal standards and regulations of the destined country so that in order to achieve this requirement they need local consultant and legal advisor familiar with latest standards and laws of the country. Therefore, Shafaq Alrafedain has prepared instructions and services as legal backup, by considering the importance of this issue and lack of information and instructions for companies.

Each company is required to sign different contracts with foreign parties in the destined country based on their products and services. So that in depending to the activity of the company they need legal advisor to perform necessary precautions.
In case of lawsuits against company, it is important to have a legal advisor to file a draft of complaint and defend the company as lawyer familiar with laws and regulations.

Financial auditing is a legal requirement in case of starting a business in foreign countries. Preparing financial statements, paying taxes and opening tax files is an integral part of business activity so that each company auditor is obliged to complete financial statements in accordance with accepted accounted principles of the destined country.

Participating in an international market requires different legal permits and licenses in addition to registering company and legal authentications. Thereupon since Obtaining mentioned licenses and permits are necessity precaution for safe trading, each company needs lawyers and legal advisors familiar with laws and guidelines of the country so that they could give required licenses from related ministries and organizations on behalf of the company.

In some cases, companies need to update their initial registration documents and make some changes in them. Increasing initial capital of the company, adjusting shareholders capital, filing annual statements etc. are some activates that need local consultants in detained country.
Hence, Shafaq Alrafedain is ready to provide required services based on current standards and regulations of each country separately.


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