Branch registration in Kurdistan

Despite of complete political integration of this region with Iraq, it has a separate administrative and commercial infrastructure and the companies or commodities seeking to participate in this region must obey this subject.
Extensive construction and investment is underway, so the opportunity is provided for participation of foreign companies to perform technical-engineering projects.

Process of branch registration in Kurdistan
To enter the projects of this region and use the business resume to enter the vendor lists of Ministries, it is recommended that the technical-engineering companies resort to register their branch in Kurdistan based on the engineering grades and business experiences so accordingly, they can easily participate in tenders of Iraq.

Legal requirements of branch registration:
• Designating a counsel and auditor
• Official lease contract
• Designating the Kurdish sponsor or residence of Kurdistan
• The possibility of designating director of foreign office

Executive requirements of registration:
• The whole registration documents of parent company must be translated and confirmed in the country of origin.
• Arranging the desired documents of Administration of Foreign Companies Registration in the country of origin.
• Completing the forms related to branch registration in Kurdistan and sending it to a lawyer.
• Arranging a power of attorney


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