The Importance of Lawyers Role in Registration Processes in Iraq

Lawyers roles in Iraq

The Iraqi Bar Association is in charge of overseeing attorneys in Iraq. The majority of the work and administrative processes, such as registration, the requirement to permanently appoint a company/branch legal advisor, the purchase and sale and administrative processes in the country’s official offices, etc., must be carried out by Official lawyers and it is not possible for other people to refer to and do these things without a lawyer’s presence.

Filing a lawsuit to protect intellectual property in Iraq

Filing a Laws

It should be noted that if a compromise is reached between the plaintiff and the complainant, it does not mean that the complaint is closed, because this issue is considered a public right, and the defendants will be subject to a record and a minimum public fine.

The rules of packing brand in registering company process

The rules for choosing a brand name in Iraq The choice of an appropriate business name is one of the challenging tasks in registration. On the one hand, some people take their time picking a name or spend a lot of time looking up guidelines and solutions; on the other hand, other people lack imagination […]