Sometimes your products or brand are copied by other companies and entered the market, if you have registered your trademark in that country, you can file a lawsuit to protect your intellectual property in Iraq.

Obviously, like all legal matters, this process will be time-consuming and complicated, therefore, in the first step, be careful in choosing a skilled broker or lawyer, reviewing their resume in similar cases will help you a lot in choosing a lawyer.

The steps of a criminal complaint are as follows:

1. The complaint is submitted to the court and the judge starts with the necessary investigations and correspondence with the official authorities, including the trademark registration office, to verify the registration of the trademark by the plaintiff.

2. After examining the matter by the court, a preliminary verdict is issued.

3. The order and notification will be given to the misdemeanor court (it is a criminology court) and the relevant committee will confiscate the goods and imprison the accused or fine him or both, citing the trademark laws. 4. This complaint will lead to confiscation of goods, warehouse and offices, or imprisonment and fine.

It should be noted that if a compromise is reached between the plaintiff and the complainant, it does not mean that the complaint is closed, because this issue is considered a public right, and the defendants will be subject to a record and a minimum public fine.

In the end, it is noted that the mentioned process can be done if your brand is registered in Iraq, in this case you may lose the possibility of losing ownership and the permission to be in the market, and it is not possible to file a complaint or with much larger costs and a more complicated process are possible. Therefore, our suggestion to all companies, products and services is to register a trademark as the first step in entering the market.