Sign registration in Turkey

Growing structure of this country and economic open door policies provided the grounds for foreign investments in Turkey.
To register the brand in Turkey, the first method is treating based on the rules of international registration of brand or trademark. Accordingly, the brand must be registered based on Madrid system and its terms for the international registration of brand. To do so, the brand should be registered in applicant`s country and then he applies for international registration.
The second method is specifically for people who have established their business in Turkey or resorted to do so. Due to some reasons, these people might not need their brand or trademark to be supported by other countries. They just need to register their brand in legal system of Turkey or they consider Turkey for registration of original brand so they can resort to global registration by Turkey and its laws.

The process of sign registration
• Checking the sign
• Publishing the sign
• Issuing certification

Registration time
7 to 15 months

Required documents
• Power of attorney
• Advertisement of company establishment
• Changes newspaper
• Manager`s passport
• Mark logo


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