sign registration in Syria

After inside wars, Syria is a suitable opportunity to export technical-engineering and commodity services for Iranian companies. Politic and cultural relations provide the grounds for this cooperation.
In Syria, you can legalize your intellectual property by local registration or through WiPO system. This point is able to be reviewed according mark owners` application. Syria is one of the members of Madrid agreement. You can legalize brand registration in this region by registering the brand in WiPO and applying to register it in this country or resort appropriately to maintain intellectual property by local registration.

Executive requirements
• Power of attorney
• Mark logo
• Mark owners` documents in country of origin
• Determining requested class
• Manager`s passport
• Implementing further steps to register in Syria (reviewing mark, publishing in newspaper, issuing certificate)
Registering time is about 9 to 12 months.

Legal requirements
• Extending the registration of certificate every 10 years
• Criminal laws provide three months to two years in prison and a fine of one hundred to one hundred and fifty Syrian liras for a person who uses a mark to deceive a customer.


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