Sign registration in Qatar

Oil-rich income of Qatar, the country`s geographical expansion and exit from Arab union have provided the grounds for participation of foreign companies, especially Iranians, in this country. The upcoming World Cup in Qatar has provided the grounds for participation of foreign products and companies in this country.
Preserving intellectual property in growing and investable countries is one of the most important elements of trade activity which provides the grounds for stable and continuous development of foreign products. It is necessary for beginning the trade activity with name or trademark to register the mark in Ministry of Industry and Mines of Qatar and obtain the necessary governmental permits and approvals in this country.

Executive requirements of brand registration
• Trademark registration for foreign people in Qatar in only possible through a Qatari lawyer.
• Alcoholic drinks are banned to register.
• Qatar’s law provides for two years’ imprisonment and a fine of at least 1,000 Rials for those who copy the mark.
• Each class of mark must be registered separately.
• Extending the certificate every 10 years.

Legal requirements of brand registration
• Arranging power of attorney
• Determining the requested class
• Mark logo
• Certificate of company establishment
• Reviewing the mark
• Publishing in newspaper
• Issuing the certificate


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