Sign registration in Oman

Oman is seeking to play the role of Dubai in the region and provide the grounds for undertaking the trade relations in region and African countries. Stable security, suitable economic growth and investment opportunities have provide the grounds for participation of foreign companies in this country.
Oman is one of the members of Madrid agreement in mark registration. Therefore, you can resort to register your trademark by WiPO or inside registration.
In Oman, trademark is registered locally. It means that Oman has acceded to the Geneva Conventions and Madrid and the Paris Convention and support the mark locally by regional registration. Brand is registered in Ministry of Industry and Mines of Oman.

Legal requirements
• For each trade activity with the trademark, it is necessary to register the mark in Oman.
• Extending the registration of certificate every 10 years

Executive requirements
• Power of attorney
• Mark logo
• Certificate of mark registration
• Determining the requested class
• Manager`s passport


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