Sign registration in Afghanistan

Successive wars and destruction of the industrial and economic infrastructures have provided the grounds for participation of foreign goods in this country.

Afghanistan is one of the members of Madrid agreement. According to the current procedure, intellectual property requires the local registration of foreign marks in it. It is mentioned that each legal person can register a trademark and the applicant can be both local and foreign.

Legal requirements

  • Trademarks for alcoholic drinks is not registrable.
  • It is extendable for every 10 years.

Executive requirements

  • Obtaining power of attorney from the Afghan Embassy
  • Clearances certificate
  • Determining the requested class
  • Obtaining the certificate from the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Reviewing the mark
  • Publishing in newspaper
  • Issuing the certificate
  • Approximate registering time is 4 to 5 months.


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