Branch registration in the UAE

This country has been known as a business intermediary of the region for years and economic presence in this region provides the grounds for international activity for foreign companies. Thus, it is significantly recommended that the companies with export structure always consider the participation in this region.
Branch or agency registration is one of the main pillars of international companies to participate continuously in the global market of UAE, especially Dubai. One of the main requirements of branch registration in the UAE is one of the local representative`s confirmation so the possibility and privilege of registering a branch are provided for foreign applicants. It should be considered that the director of agency office or branch must be appointed under the responsibility of a real or legal person.

Executive requirements:
• Certified image of statute, declaration, minutes or any other equal documents related to institutions and companies with the stamp of General Registration Office of parent company`s country on all pages.
• The minutes of officials of organization or institution regarding to the decision of board of directors to establish a branch/office
• Financial statements of parent company can be verified with the signature and approval of auditor together with the confirmation of Auditor Committee.
• Power of attorney

Legal requirements:
• The branch office is responsible of parent company`s activities only in the UAE.
• The branch is not a separate legal company from parent company.
• The parent company is responsible for the debts and commitments of Dubai branch.
• The branch is taxed on income of business activities in the UAE.


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