Branch registration in Syria

After the end of civil wars, Syria is a suitable place to export technical-engineering services and products for Iranian companies. Political and cultural relations have provided such continuous cooperation.
The erosive wars in Syria have destroyed the whole civil infrastructures of country, so the opportunity of technical-engineering companies’ participation in this country is considerable.
The laws of branch registration, offices and foreign agencies of companies, organizations and institutions in Arabic Republic of Syria are followed by the law No.34 passed in 2008.

Legal requirements of branch registration:
• According to the rules and laws in Syria, these companies does not have right to perform their original operations or any commercial activities until the registration time and obtaining essential authorities.
• The companies can follow the executive affairs based on rules and standards of Syria after obtaining registration authorities.
• Opening an account for registered company is possible.
• It is possible for registered company to prepare an office.

Executive requirements of registration:
• The image of confirmed statute, declaration, minutes or any equal documents related to institutions and companies with the stamp of General Administration of Registration of parent company`s country on all pages.
• Minutes of the relevant officials of the organization or institution regarding to the decision of the company’s board of directors to establish a branch / office
• Financial statements of parent company with the confirmation and signature of auditor together with confirmation of Auditor Association are able to be verified.
• Power of attorney


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