Company registration in the UAE

economic participation in this region provides the grounds for international activity for foreign companies. Therefore, it is strongly advised that the companies with export structure always consider the participation in this area.
Registering a company in the UAE is a necessity for economic life in the region because of significant economic growth and extensive facilities for attracting foreign capitals. Company registration in the Ministry of Economic Development is fast and easy. This is planned to help company owners to accelerate start-up processes. Firstly, the activity authorization must be acquired from Ministry of Economy to register commercial company.

Executive requirements
• Arranging power of attorney
• Determining the field of activity to acquire the authorization
• Determining the type of company (Limited Liability, Cooperative, Public or Private Joint Stock and etc.)
• Reserving trade name for company
• Depositing initial capital (There is no minimum initial capital for Limited Liability Company.)
• Issuing the initial certificate
• Presenting the approved lease contract

Legal requirements
• The maximum stock of foreign persons is 49% in establishment of Limited Liability Company (It is possible to choose a partner with no influence in profit and loss)
• To register a Limited Liability Company, the minimum number of members is 2 and the maximum is 50.
• Issuing the permission of company activity
• The necessity of introducing auditor


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