company registration in Qatar

Qatar`s oil-rich income, geographical expansion and exit from Arab union have provided the grounds for participation of foreign companies especially Iranians in this market.
Qatar is one of the most important countries in terms of oil revenues. Always, investing and participating in this country provide the grounds for participation in other countries in region.

Limited Liability Company
These kinds of companies are the ones which foreign investors tend to found such them. Registering such companies is only possible by entering into partnership with Qatari Partners which is compulsory that at least 51% of capital belongs to Qatari partners. By signing an agreement with Qatari partner, it is possible to use his name in establishments and there would be no influence in decisions.

Executive requirements of company registration
• Power of attorney
• Determining the name of company
• Depositing at least 200,000 Qatari rials in a bank
• Passport of manager and shareholders
• The time of company registration in Qatar is at most 30 to 45 days.

Legal requirements of company registration
• Paying the 5% tax
• Obtaining the authorization from the related organization of the activity area
• It is possible to register 100% in free zones.
• If you work in the field of health, education and energy development, it is possible to register 100% of company in the name of foreign people.


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