Company registration in the Pakistan

Large population, geographical expansion and common borders are the effective factors on commercial and economical structure of this country. Cheap labors, appropriate natural resources and the access to warm water are the suitable features of this country.
The process of company registration in Pakistan for foreign persons is almost similar to local company registration in Pakistan. The only difference is obtaining “security confirmation” for shareholders having right to vote and foreign managers. It is possible that Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) permits the foreign shareholders of company to enter after completion of reviewing and obtaining security approval.

Executive requirements
• Arranging power of attorney for lawyer
• Official translation of foreign shareholders` passport
• Reserving name of company
• Completing the commitment for company registration
• Obtaining approval from relevant organizations (like Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP))
• Depositing
• Presenting lease contract
• Obtaining authorization if Information Administration for shareholders
• Obtaining final certificate of company registration

Legal requirements
• The approximate registering time is 7 days.
• The foreign shareholders will be added to list of company`s shareholders two months after the agreement of Information Administration
• The possibility of registering 100% by foreign persons
• A clear number is not determined for initial capital but usually the lowest chosen capital is 825 dollars. (The capital must be balanced with the field of activity.)
• Minimum number of shareholder members for registering Limited Liability Company is 2 persons.
• The necessity of office in Pakistan


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