Company registration in Oman

Oman is trying to play the role of Dubai in the region and providing the grounds to undertake the trade communication in the region and African countries. Stable security, appropriate economic growth and investing opportunities have provided the grounds for participation of foreign companies.
Oman is the greatest opportunity for investing in the region and provides the possibility of company registration with 100% ownership for foreign persons by executive changes.
In Oman, companies have ratings and are divided in to first grade and excellent grade based on initial capital and field of activity. Company registration provides the grounds for residence in this country.
According to new rules of Oman, foreign persons are able to register with 100% ownership in many fields without Omani partner. This point has made it easier for foreign investments. When you want to register a company, it should be considered that purpose of company registration is investing or economic activity because it affects on the registration location, whether free zones or center of Oman.

Executive requirements
• Arranging power of attorney for an Omani lawyer in order to follow up relevant affairs to registration.
• Printing the 6-month bank account
• Shareholders` passport
• Renting an office
• Determining the field of activity
• Choosing a trade name for company

Legal requirements
• Paying the 15% tax for registered companies is compulsory and there is no tax if the company doesn`t work.
• To do the importing and exporting affairs, obtaining business card and the credit of the cards varies one to three months based on the degree of company.
• The license of company must be extended every five years.


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