Company registration in Lebanon

Political communication is one of the most effective participation grounds of foreign countries. This country has been a suitable opportunity for exporting goods and services of foreign companies.
Investing, economic security and geopolitical position of this country has caused that company registration and continuous and real participation in this region would be the first targets of commercial companies. Totally, Lebanese companies can entirely belong to foreign people and according to Lebanon rules, a Lebanese lawyer must follow up the company registration affairs.

Limited Liability Company
Limited Liability Company is founded of one to twenty members and usually occupies commercial name except the partners` name.
Executive requirements
• Arranging a power of attorney
• Image of shareholders` passport
• Determining the field of activity
• Choosing the commercial name
• Real investment in a bank (at least 5 million Lebanese lira)
• Renting an office
• Estimated registering time is 4 to 5 weeks.

Legal requirements
• The manager is not allowed to have a deal in the name of company or a deal which has personal profits unless the prior permission is obtained.
• Working in the field of banking or tax is not possible for Limited Liability Companies.
• The necessity of having a legal consultant
• The financial accounts must be arranged annually.
• 15% tax on income of companies
• 5% tax on income or sales


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