Branch registration

“Granting agency and branch registration is one of the main strategies of international companies’ participation in target companies.”

Definition of agency and branch

Branch registration of foreign companies is actually the local unit registration of parent company in the region which carries out activities and subjects of parent company without intermediaries. The activities of branches on site are in the name of parent company and are on its own. In fact, the branch is one of the units of parent company. Branches are established to expand the company`s activities in remote areas from the company and the limitations of its authorities are designated by the parent company. The parent company will be responsible if any mistakes or illegal and unrelated activity with parent company occur.

Countries providing services

Conditions of branch registration in Iraq

Iraq is the greatest export opportunity for Iranian companies in the region. Border and cultural proximity provide the grounds for expanded cooperation between these two countries.

Conditions of branch registration in Turkey

Growing structure of this country and open-door economic policies have provided the grounds for foreign investments in Turkey. Turkey is an appropriate bridge for participation in European countries.

Conditions of branch registration in Syria

After the end of civil wars, Syria is a suitable place to export technical-engineering services and products for Iranian companies. Political and cultural relations have provided such continuous cooperation.

Conditions of branch registration in Oman

Oman is seeking to play the role of Dubai in the region and provides the grounds for commercial communication between the region and African countries.

Conditions of branch registration in Qatar

Oil-rich revenue, geographical expansion and the exit of this country from Arab Unions have provided the grounds for participation of foreign companies specially Iranians in this market.

Conditions of branch registration in Lebanon

Political communication is one of the most effective opportunities to participate in foreign countries and this country has been an appropriate opportunity for foreign companies to export their goods and services.

Conditions of branch registration in the UAE

This country has been known as a business intermediary of the region for years and economic presence in this region provides the grounds for international activity for foreign companies.

Conditions of branch registration in Afghanistan

Geographical closeness, successive wars and cultural and linguistic proximity are the grounds of commercial and economic cooperation between Iran and Afghanistan.

Conditions of branch registration in Pakistan

Great population, geographical expansion and common borders are the effective factors on commercial and economic structure of the two regions.

Conditions of branch registration in Kurdistan

Despite of complete political integration of this region with Iraq, it has a separate administrative and commercial infrastructure and the companies or commodities seeking to participate in this region must obey this subject.


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