Branch registration in Qatar

Oil-rich revenue, geographical expansion and the exit of this country from Arab Unions have provided the grounds for participation of foreign companies specially Iranians in this market. The further World Cup is a suitable opportunity for participation of foreign companies and products in this country.
Considering the oil-rich revenue and long term targeting on playing more effective role in Persian Gulf region, Qatar is an appropriate opportunity for participation of multination and technical-engineering companies.
Oil and building industry are from the parent industries which have been considerably developed. But the agriculture industry is important as a historical industry. A formal contract with government of Qatar is required for branch registration in this country which the formal and legal participation of foreign company is based on the contract between the government and the foreign company.

Process of branch registration in Qatar
To enter the projects of this region and use the business resume to enter the vendor lists of Ministries, it is recommended that the technical-engineering companies resort to register their branch in Qatar based on the engineering grades and business experiences so accordingly, they can easily participate in tenders of Qatar.

Legal requirements of branch registration:
• Concluding a contract with the government of Qatar

Executive requirements of registration:
• Formal translation of parent company`s documents
• Financial statements of company in the past three years in the country of destination.
• Formal power of attorney to a Qatari lawyer
• Official contract with the government of Qatar


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