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Shafaq Al-Rafedain

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Registration services and consultancy of business laws is our profession.

Your counsel at law in Middle-Eastern countries.
One of the most practical and safest approaches to export markets is to have a professional counsel on local laws and rules. Considering such an important point, Al-Rafedain group has resorted to establish an organization for legal services in some Middle-Eastern countries.



Company registration

Registering of a company in foreign countries is aimed at dividing profits among its members. All commercial activities in target country must be related to registered company after execution of registration process.

Trademarks registration

Preserving intellectual property on presented products and services is always a serious concern for industry owners. The more competition among business owners, the more registering trademarks at the aim of staying in the markets and customer minds is important.

Branch registration

Agency registration means granting the right to open an office or branch of the company in target country directly from parent company or the one who has the responsibility of parent company in that country.

Legal services

Company maintenance and its registered branches according to target country standards is among the priorities of exporting company. Shafaq Al-Rafedain has resorted to present legal and supporting services for the welfare and facilitation of customer affairs.

Shafaq Al-Rafedain company`s service areas

In line with its organizational mission, Shafaq Al-Rafedain Co. has resorted to provide registering services to industry and trade owners in Middle-Eastern countries. Kindly please click on your interested country for more information with each country and its legal services.

The process of receiving registration services

Needs assessment
Reviewing and identifying of the applicant according to entrepreneur's business policies.
Arranging and concluding a contract based on the agreement between entrepreneur and contractor.
Implementation of registration
Native and professional lawyers work on performing the project in the field of registration.
Presenting supporting services after registration to facilitate executive affairs in the target country
Proposal presentation
The experts present the best approach in form of proposals after reviewing entrepreneur`s requirements.
Completion of documents
Accompanying and consulting of the legal experts in process of completing documents with entrepreneur.
Completion of process
Carrying out the process of registration and sending the final documents to the entrepreneur's office.


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