Company registration in the Afghanistan

Geographical proximity, successive wars and cultural and linguistic closeness are the main grounds of commercial and economic cooperation between Iran and Afghanistan.
Afghanistan has provided the possibility of registering real and legal company 100% in the name of foreigners so the companies resort to invest and make commercial structure safely.

Executive requirements
• Real and legal persons must receive the trade authorization from the Ministry of Economy first and then follow the next steps if it would be accepted. (Clear Criminal Record Certificate, print of financial turnover and providing proposal with minutes must be prepared to obtain the authorization. The minute must include chosen name, determining capital, the field of activity and address.) In addition, it is needed to obtain confirmations from the Embassy of Afghanistan before sending documents.
• Initial capital must be at least 100 dollars.
• The place must be real and only in Kabul. If opening the agency in other cities is needed, it has to be agreed by the Ministry of Commerce.
• It is necessary to mention that there is an organization called Aisa to facilitate obtaining authorizations and investment matters.

Legal requirements
• Commercial license must be extended every three years.
• Any changes in capital or shareholders must be announced to the Ministry of Commerce and be published in newspaper.


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